“SFS International” has its headquarters in Stara Iwiczna next to Piaseczno and is specialized in offering a diversity of financial services to companies in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Furthermore “SFS International” works on international projects in the technical sector, the meat processing industry, spinning mill industry and heavy lifting and transport industry. We operate in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and of course Poland.

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Rekruter / Asystent /Sourcer (m/k)

Realizacja rekrutacji dla Klientów angielskojęzycznych .. >>

Creation date: 2017-01-30
Location: Piaseczno/Stara Iwiczna

Konsultant wdrożeniowy / Developer systemu ENOVA

Wsparcie pracowników po rozpoczęciu użytkowania systemu Enova .. >>

Creation date: 2016-09-21
Location: Stara Iwiczna